A woman goes to a trendy new neighbourhood to buy her first house, unaware that she holds the key to unlocking a secret from its reclusive owner’s past.



Edward                                   Bill Thomas

Sophia                                    Kerry Bennett

Graham                                  Paul Dewdney

Kashif                                     Chandru Bhojwani

Charlotte                                Cat Kiiza

Young Edward                       Chris Clynes

Ivan (The Auctioneer)           Tommie Grabiec

Sandra (The Hairdresser)     Pat Garrett



Written and Directed by Sarah-Mace Dennis Produced by Sarah-Mace Dennis
Richard Bell Associate Producers Liza Fletcher
Nadin Hadi Director of Photography Richard Bell Production Designer Tim Belcher Costume Designer Nat Turner Editor Sarah-Mace Dennis Composer Chris Roe Sound Designer Michal Kuligowski